When to possibly expect a Switch Tour invitation by area

Using the NYC and Toronto events as reference and comparing when the invites for these events were sent out, both invites appear to have sent out sometime midweek 3 weeks before the event. IF (no guarantees at all) this is the case for when invites will go out for other cities, then here are the weeks you should expect your possible invite

New York

Event: Jan. 13-15

Invites Received: Week of Dec. 19


Event: Jan. 27-29

Invites Received: Week of Jan. 2

Washington, D.C.

Event: Feb. 10-12

Expect Invite: Week of Jan. 16


Event: Feb. 17-19

Expect Invite: Week of Jan. 23

San Francisco

Event: Feb. 24-26

Expect Invite: Week of Jan. 30

Los Angeles

Event: March 3-5

Expect Invite: Week of Feb. 6

Once again, this is only based off the invite-event distance for only two cities so far, and I admit that's not much data at all. But hey, it's putting my mind at ease and keeping me from constantly refreshing my email for the time being. Hope this helps!

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