Which games from Nintendos other handhelds, in your view, will the Switch have the biggest impact (changed for the better) on for you?

So I was thinking the most likely changes, the most likely but also the most game changing.

For me its 3 key points:

Graphics Portability TV Docked Mode

So then I thought which games am I most excited about and eager to see take advantage of those 3 key aspects, here's my choices.

Etrian Odyssey Pokemon SMT Monster Hunter Zelda Luigi's Mansion Fire Emblem

So yeah, I think it's pretty clear I love my RPG games. I believe the Switch will have the most impact on those type of games when you combine those 3 key characteristics the Switch brings to the table.

This is why the Switch is a literal game changer for me, this is why I have it pre ordered for day one, this is why I'm so excited about the games to come, and this is why Nintendo deserves our early support, because the future for gaming is very bright, they are bringing something to the table that Sony and MS cannot compete with, the difference is I believe Nintendo can compete with them, that's why the Switch is gonna change everything.

Yes that all sounds very optimistic, but even as a day one Wii U owner who felt a little burned, I can clearly see Nintendo is getting it right this time!

Less than a month now, good times lay ahead of us 🙂

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