Which of those Vita games do you think will probably get a Switch release

Hi there,

Disclaimer: I know that for most of this games is just guessing, still I would like to talk about it. For some of the games maybe you know if the developpers said anything about Switch ports.

I always considered buying a Vita, but never did it since nearly all of the games which interest me are exklusives and none of them are system sellers. With the Switch having the possibilty of having those games on a Nintendo handheld system where the 3DS couldn't because of it's weaker hardware I would like to witch of those games in your eyes probably will get a Switch release.

Bastion Darkest Dungeon Danganronpa 1 & 2 Day of the Tentacle Remastered Don't starve Dragon Quest Builders Guacamelee! Hotline Miami Persona 4 Golden Prison Architect Rayman Legends Rogue Legacy Sly Trilogy (I know it's from Sony but I am still listing it, because I want to list alle the Vita games which interest me) Spelunky Super Meat Boy Sword Art Online Telltale Adventures Terraria Xcom

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