Why are there no preorders out there and why does it seem that Nintendo doesn’t want any preorders now?

The price of the Nintendo Switch will not be revealed until the 12th of January. This means that most of the preorders will not start before this date. (At least I believe that)

I'm from Germany and I only found one store (GameStop) that accepted preorders for the Nintendo Switch. Sadly they stopped the preorders because allegedly they are already sold out.

In my opinion there are two reasons why that could be: 1. Nintendo ordered them to stop the preorders 2. They already have a huge number of preorders and had to stop because they don't know if they will get as many units as they already sold

If reason two is true I'm really scared to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch. I still can remember the Wii-Release and it was impossible to get your hands on a Wii if you didn't preorder it on time.

I really would like to know what you guys think about this.

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