Why do a lot of people seem to got the habit of jumping on the hate train on Nintendo?

The amount of small minded idiots just bashing on the console is ridiculous (but the amount of people loving it is much more of course)

So when 9gag posted about the switch reveal there were many haters like

"Nintendo hasn't made anything successful in 20 years why don't they just stop trying"

and it got over 500 likes?!? Here's some more examples (yes I'm quoting u all out idc if any of the original commenters see this)

"Nintendo is s**t and irrelevant these days, nobody will even buy their games if they went 3rd party they should just give up"

"another ds that it can play a 5 y/o game at 15 fps, how exciting"

seems exciting but Nintendo should just admit that they're terrible at making consoles they never were good and never will, they should go 3rd party

imagine the possibilities if any gamedev gives a s**t lolololol

it's so glorified why would u need that when u can just download an emulator on a tablet and basically do the same thing

great another gimmick that will fail, sigh haven't they learnt to stop making consoles from the wii u's result

nice now we will have 10000 new overrated Mario games

And there's much more, So idk what's up with all the mindless hate (not including very biased articles talking negatively about it), so what if Nintendo made one bad console, doesn't mean they should give up forever

Lol so the question in all of this random post is: since when did the Nintendo hate bandwagon start? Was it always like this?

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