Why do people care so much about specs on a gaming console?

If you legitimately cared about specifications, you would be building a computer.

I'm not going to argue with the whole "it's a family console, so power doesn't matter" or "development costs more if power is more" because I think it's bullshit, so hear me out.

It's nice to have more horsepower in the Switch, but considering how first party Nintendo games are stylistically unrealistic, graphics age far better than games from other consoles. If Windwaker HD is anything to go by, you'll get some more shaders, higher textures, polygons. OG Windwaker still doesn't look garbage though. Mario Sunshine looks great. Twilight Princess looks great. Wii U games look great still and the Switch is stronger than that.

People are saying that the Switch downclocking when off the dock will make the game look worse. No, it will not. If the Switch is meant to run games at 1080p/60 FPS, there is little point in trying to display 1080p (2 073 600 px) on a 720p screen (921 600). That's a little more than 2x less pixels that the GPU has to work with, so logically it downclocks to half its docked power. This whole thing isn't as simple as dividing by 2, but the idea is similar in that it takes significantly less power to run things at 720p than at 1080p.

Last but not least, if you REALLY cared about third party support, build a computer. Why you are trying to play Skyrim on the Switch is beyond me when you can have a significantly better experience on a slightly more expensive computer.

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