Why even bother with Skyrim if it’s gonna be a fall release?

I'm just assuming most people have played this game at this point, and probably a lot of people pretty recently. I could just be projecting, because I'm one of them.

I get the portable aspect being a selling point I suppose, but I feel like the fall release date might be striking a little after the iron is hot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly fine with the game. It's a great game, but I feel like not having it be a launch title is gonna sink this thing and maybe even hurt Bethesda's relationship with Nintendo, maybe discouraging a Fallout 4 GOTY release down the line.

I wonder if maybe the deal will be sweetened with some Nintendo themed content added to the game, DLC style…I think that would MOST DEFINITELY encourage people like me to triple-dip.

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