Why I am waiting till Christmas to get the Switch

A lot of people from across the world are arguing that the Switch is way too costly as a brand new console and that there is no "launch games worth it" to get a $300/£279 (Don't know Australian or EU prices) And it's a fair view to have (although I do disagree considering the PS4 and XOne was between 350-500 dependent on your currency and slightly suffered from a weak lineup too. The only ones I remember being Knack and Killzone. Xbox never tempted me…)

Waiting till Christmas however, allows for Nintendo and retailers to 'read' the market and see what people want, and there will almost certainly be some price cuts in order to sell units before Christmas. Alongside that, around Christmas there will definitely be A LOT more games worth the price of a Switch (Mario Kart 8 and so on) and the games prices will hopefully decrease as well.

It's a matter of patience that's the key to getting the best deal. But I can understand why people would want their Switch'es now (It is a pretty awesome console!)

What do you think? Would you agree? When do you think is the ideal time to get the Switch?

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