Why I think the NS needs to be cheap

So I think most people here heard the rumors that the Switch will be $300 dollars base and $350 with Splatoon and if I recall higher storage. But personally, I feel like the switch can't survive with that price tag. The switch is coming out in a time where the other consoles are $300 now and they come with a triple a game. I think that the switch needs to replicate this, as its the only way Nintendo can actually see success with the NS. You might argue that the PS4 launched at $400 with no game and the Xbox One $500 with no game. But like I said before, the Switch is launching in the middle of a console generation, not in the beginning of it. The switch needs to be $250 base and $300 with a game to actually get anywhere.

(Btw sorry about lack of paragraphs, I'm on mobile.)

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