Why I want a switch at release.

At first I wasn't sure I wanted a switch at release, I never bought a console (handheld or regular) at release.

However, I do buy games I like on release, and I really like the Zelda franchise so I would like BotW on release. Now, I do have a Wii U and could just get the Wii U version, but I know that I'll eventually buy a switch anyway, and I would want BotW for the switch. And since one uses a disk and the other uses a cardridge, they are not compatible, so I'd need to buy the same game twice. And I don't want that.

Why buy BotW for the switch and not the Wii U? Honestly, I don't care so much for the better resolution, although yes it helps, but the real reason is portability. Why settle for a version of the game that can only be played in the living room, if I can get the same game to be played wherever I am, inside or outside the house?

That's why I really want a switch at release. And sadly, I realized this too late so I couldn't preorder in time.

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