Why I want the Switch…

Every year (usually around/for New Years or Christmas) me and my cousins ride up NC to stay at my grandparents house. Now, there's not much to do at my grandparents (beside traditional redneck things that usually get me in trouble, like; shooting at targets, chopping down trees for wood, using the wood for bonfires, etc.), because it's waaay out in the country. So, as a result of this, my cousins would always bring their consoles down and play on them until their fingers got strained. However, me being the youngest of the group, my parents would never allow me to bring my Wii down for whatever reason. Later I got an Xbox360, but that thing was a piece of garbage, was difficult to lug around, and by then all my cousins had an XboxOne. Now, with the Switch, I can partake in something I've always wanted to! Thanks Nintendo :)!

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