Why is Canada getting no restocks?

Canada hasn't seen the switch since the first day pre orders opened, US already had 2 major restocks at amazon and best buy and multiple stores that recently opened up pre orders like pcrichards (instore not online)

UK literally still has many places that haven't even sold out yet like the Nintendo store yet they're still opening up new pre orders (hmv just opened up and is still available)

Japan also still has pre orders up on certain sites but they don't have many Canada has nothing, pretty much the only hope to get pre orders is Best Buy cause apparently they release canceled pre orders one by one at random times (and I haven't even seen one in the past week).

Has Canada always had this problem with pre orders? How did the Wii/PS4/Nintendo classic etc. Pre orders go for you Canadians?

Discussion started at here by Ohkamil

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