Why Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII:Remake are more likely to hit Switch than FFXV

I previously made a thread regarding FFXV's status on Switch. While I agree that it doesn't seem likely FFXV will hit the Switch (although it would be cool if it did), that possibility is not false for either one of the two titles I mentioned above.

Now KINGDOM HEARTS 3 and FINAL FANTASY VII:Remake are still awhile off, and depending on how things go anything can change. But unlike FFXV, these two games have a better chance of hitting the NX for the following reasons.

1) Both are using Unreal Engine 4. Switch uses Unreal Engine 4. No problems there. Sure there might be SOME configuration, but still, if it runs UE4, it can happen.

2) KH3 is not exclusive to Sony. This is because it's also launching on XB1. If it were exclusive to Sony, it wouldn't launch on XB1, but it is, so that means it's open.

3) Now HERE'S where things get a bit more dicey. FINAL FANTASY VII:Remake is a TIMED exclusive. Yes, TIMED exclusive. It always has said "play it first on PS4". Not console exclusive, not PS4/PC. It's just a timed exclusive. That means it could possibly go to other consoles as well.

Now if anybody wants to insist that these two games will never come, you're free to do so. However, I stand behind these reasons. Hopefully Nintendo and SquareEnix can work something out. DQXI being on Nintendo Switch AND running UE4 is a start, but it would be awesome if these two hit the Switch. The only potential obstacle might be if the Switch fails, but that's largely on Nintendo to do. So FFXV's chances of hitting the Switch, probably not, but these two, yes, the possibility is still open.

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