Why Switch trailer is either genius or commercial suicide

Here's a theory/conspiracy. What if Nintendo ingeniously created all of these questions with the trailer purposefully, perhaps it's more thought out than we think – what if they tell Bethesda and 2k to stay tight lipped, deny confirmations about skyrim special edition and nba2k, in fact, if you look at any partners responses when pressed they all give the same generic responses just worded slightly differently.

What if they were all told to act this way by nintendo, some kind of pseudo NDA, all with the intention of blowing our minds with a sick launch window lineup; to keep us grounded and our expectations in check, in order to exceed them with ease. Think about it, WHY would these studios oblige to show these games in simulation if they didn't believe in their hearts that they could port them without trouble, they must have SEEN the hardware, and assessed what they can do with it surely, it's been said they've had devkits for a long long time. It all just seems cunning to me.

On the same note regarding potential trailer false negatives, what about the Zelda frame rate situation… If it's simulated why would they intentionally add that, to keep us grounded? For them to come out and drop another bomb in saying it will in fact run at 60fps/720p in undocked? Lack of motion/gesture demonstration, another thing to showcase further down the line.

I could go on but the point is they could be being extremely clever and playing us like fools by planting these discussion points to create a false sense of apprehension, incremental hype, strategy to stay relevant until March? Of course the other side of the coin is that they bit off way more they can chew with this trailer, devs are pissed with them and we will be left sorely disappointed with partners dropping like flies, but I really think they know what they're doing here, it all just seems very strange to me. They're sticking with their march release date so I just can't see them f*****g up with unreal expectations this far in. Surely not Nintendo, right?…. Right guys?…… Guys?

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