Why would Nintendo make a 3DS successor?

Maybe I'm not imaginative enough to see what a 3DS successor could be in the face of the Switch, but I just can't see it.

Where would a 3DS successor sit in terms of power? Who would the market even be? Wouldn't that cause market confusion?

Even if you don't see Switch as a powerful home console, one thing that's true is that it is an ultra powerful handheld, and honestly one that I would have thought would already be the successor to the 3DS in terms of power.

So would the 3DS2 or whatever be intentionally nerfed to be under the Switch in terms of power? And what games would be on it that we couldn't get on Switch? Mario Kart? Mario? Zelda? If I have a home console that also operates as my portable, and I already have those experiences on that then what would the draw of owning a 3DS successor?

I believe the dual screen has worn off since 2011 and definitely since 2004, and the 3D on the 3DS the gimmick has worn off. I mean you already have indie game developers, and other traditionally portable developers moving or speaking of working on the Switch and a lot of those games aren't as demanding as BoTW or what I imagine Odyssey would be. So those 2D experiences would definitely be boss on Switch.

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