Why you shouldn’t be excited for Season of Heaven or anything Nicolas Augusto might say

The developer of this game, Nicolas Augusto (NicoWav) gave a very long interview a month ago to a minor french youtube channel. (The Share Players) During that interview he told the story about how he decided to go to california to create a video game without having any previous experience (he's part of a small TV show like "ghost hunter' on the cable) Part of the interview was kind of touching because I think he believe in what he says. Problem is, most of the story was completely wacky. Before founding the studio he would've failed the FBI exam (!) He apparently met and got the support from most of the industry big heads including Shuhei Yoshida (!)

He's also one of the first guy able to get a Switch devkit. The fact that he never done a game before wasn't an issue for Nintendo (!) There is only one video on his channel where he's showing the studio with a lot of toys but nobody is there : www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrCesFQQw_0

After two years of work he wasn't able to show one image of the famous game (based on his own book, by the way) Well that was true until this morning, since he showed few "in game" images exclusively on Switch, right ? Well, first of, I don't believe a second this is a game running on Switch, I don't think it's a game at all. I think that simply what he was able to do after few hours on Unreal Engine Take a look at the tech demo that you can use in UE : ift.tt/2gHoH1f

Does that remind you anything ? Anyway, we will know soon enough I guess. I hope I'm wrong, but I strongly believe that this guy is simply a passionate mythomaniac

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