Why Zelda at launch is a bad decision.

  1. there can only be one big nintendo launch title it and it can either be Mario or Zelda. If its both one will eat into the others sales potential and at this point Zelda is the more desired game so Mario sales would suffer.
  2. It Will destroy Bethesda support. Skyrim is most likely coming at launch and if it isn't thats another bad decision lol. Zelda at launch would also limit skyrim sales as both games are similar and nintendo fans will absolutely pick zelda, not to mention skyrim being an old game. If skyrim flops bethesda will drop support and other third parties will follow.
  3. Combination of 1 and 2 means that if zelda is a launch game then mario and skyrim shouldnt be. Obviously nintendo could still try and release 2 of the 3 at launch or all of them at launch but again that would be a bad decision for the same reasons above. If zelda is the big launch game then unless nintendo have a big secret game (not rabbids rpg lol) then it will overall be a poor launch consisting of mostly ports.

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