Wishing a Nintendo “no casual” game. A real new classic.

Don't get me wrong, I love Ninty games. But I'm also an old 80's gamer, used to play fuc… hard, complex, frustrating to complete games.

This days, maybe all games (Ninty, Microsoft, Sony) are limited to hours to play + online + dlc (which I hate). To much casual games, even in AAA games. Also I'm not talking about bigger RPGS, but arcade/adventure games.

I'm thinking in Ghost'n Goblins, Castlevania, Metroid (again), Megaman (Mighty was a fail)… Green Beret, Commando, R-Type, lots of Sega games of that era… did my point?

Retro Game Challenge was cute, but too short.

There's a lot of veterans gamers that will glad to have some sort of this classic style games, but with – again – classic + modern Nintendo style. AAA game, new IP. Any ideas?

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