With mainline mario series returning to n64/gcn styles, paper mario should too.. and other series

Perhaps the paper mario series will return to n64/gcn styles too.. aka a paper mario game more like TTYD

Idk seems like a trend. Throw zelda in the mix too, going all the way back to NES. Shoot now take metroid back to it'd SNES/GCN styles…. and mario party…. uh oh…

These games really could be major, I think. For example Colour splash is great but nobody really bats an eye because what kind of game is that really? Idk. But make it a truly unique mario rpg again and it becomes news!

Let's look at some other IP:

The one that is sorta in a tough spot in my mind is star fox. It's too bad because it's probably my favorite IP because I really do like or love all the games (except Assault). I posted a neat idea for a 4 player co op star fox but I don't see it happening.

Can't really speak for kirby, not knowledgeable on his series

Fire emblem is going up, up, up

What's your favorite nintendo IP and how would you like to see it on Switch?

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