Word processor on the Switch

I was just looking at the ads for Nintendo. They seem to focus a lot on people that are always on the go and college students.

Is there any technical reason why teh Nintendo Switch couldn't handle some sort of word processor?

Think about it, it has wi-fi capabilites, a 2.5 to 6 hour battery, it has bluetooth. If you add in something like Word and Excel. It's basically also a budget laptop (considering all the other things it can do).

I'm thinking adding:

-Something akin to Office (even if it's just a word processor and something like excel).

-A clam design bluetooth keyboard (like most other tablets already have),

-Video streaming apps (which it should already have anyway, I mean it's basically a tablet, it's perfect for that).

You now have a home console, that is also a handheld, that can also work as a budget laptop computer (with the accesories I meantioned) that is also a budget desktop to plug in to your TV.

Just the fact that you can take notes with it in class would make some people take it to college just for that reason which would make people be more aware of the product as well.

Any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

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