Wow okay, so I played the Switch. Here are my two cents. Warning. This will be long.

So I previously posted asking for questions about the event if people wanted me to find stuff out.

I played MK8D, Zelda, 1-2 Switch and Splatoon 2. Really gutted I didn't get the chance to play ARMS but it was an ARMS or Zelda situation and I'm too much of a fanboy to give up Zelda. But I did get to watch gameplay live and it looked really fun.

First off. It doesn't blend 🙁 sorry u/Venus08

Secondly they just said Snipperclips released in March, no confirmed date yet. Seems like they're under NDA or just didn't know.

The console feels really nicely weighted in handheld mode, even with their clunky security tags it still felt good in the hand. Smaller than the gamepad and pretty comfy. Don't know about long gaming sessions sadly. The screen is gorgeous. Zelda looked better on the screen than on the TV. The colours are awesome.

MK8D the help steering is permanently on but the rep said you can disable it in the full retail game.

The Joy-Cons are really interesting, the grip is super comfy. Its all small. Much smaller than expected. My hands were fine with the buttons but I could see people with bigger hands getting on with it okay. The buttons are SO satisfying on the Joy-Cons. Holy hell they feel so clicky and lovely. Even the digital triggers didn't really upset me because they were so satisfying to press. The Neon ones look amazing, I really want them now and they feel really good holding one at a time with the wrist strap. Splatoon 2 was only available with the Joy-Con grip and the buttons were smaller than expected so it took a little while to get used to. But overall, Joy-Cons are good, very good.

HD Rumble. Believe the hype. Milk felt so weirdly real but it was the marbles. I could pick out the movement patterns of each marble and where they hit the edges. It was beyond incredible and HD Rumble is awesome.

The Pro Controller. I don't know what to think. Ergonomically it feels awesome, and the asymmetrical analogue sticks feel great. But the buttons are a bit more mushy than the Joy-Con buttons, I kinda wanted them to be as clicky as the Joy-Cons. It was much bigger than the Grip and the spacing was a little better so bigger hands and maybe better for faster gaming like fighters and Splatoon. The pro controller buttons feel more like the Wii U ones and the Joy-Con buttons felt more like the shoulder buttons of the 3DS, super duper clicky.

The Joy-Cons just impressed me.

Splatoon 2 is wicked, as expected. Just as tight to control as the original, the Dualies and the new specials are really good fun and satisfying. The Jetpack is epic and I can't wait to play more, on the go.

Local 8 player co-op blows my mind. We got to use it for Splatoon 2 and MK8D, it was so seamless.

Speaking of seamless. Switching is fun. TV to handheld is instant, handheld to TV takes about 3-5 seconds nothing awful.

And Zelda, what can I say? I really enjoyed it, I got an extra extended demo when they had a free space and got the full 20 minutes rather than the limited 10 minutes. Its just super good. Got to play a Shrine watched some random Boss encounters. I just can't wait to play it in full. 30 minutes has left me only craving more.

TLDR: The Switch is super impressive, Joy-Cons are great if a tad small. Pro Controller is what you'd expect. As is Splatoon. HD Rumble is a great innovation and I can't wait to get hold of my Switch in 3 short weeks.

If you have any other questions pop them below and I'll see if I can answer them 🙂

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