Years 2 and 3 of Nintendo Switch will be crucial

Let's say the launch year is a massive success. Here's what I have in mind that may happen after two to three years:

Old Nintendo franchises – After the heavy hitters such as Zelda and Mario are released, Nintendo will focus on reviving their other franchise video games.

DS/3DS third-party franchise games – Better graphics + portability.

Remakes of classic games – Third-party developers are now considering remakes of their older games as gamers demand more of classic games wherever they go.

Switch XL/ Switch Lite – Pro version and lite version will likely be the focus of Nintendo as it appeals to different walks of life. Some want more power, Switch XL it is. Some are more for portability, enter Switch Lite. Also, Sony and MS will likely produce some sort of replica of Switch just like what happened to the motion controls that Wii offered.

Third-party games will now simultaneously release on PS4, Xbox and Switch – Depending on how Year 1 develops, if consumers start buying games such as sports games and Western RPG and action games on the Switch with at least a considerable amount of profit for the third-party developers, they will simultaneously release games for Switch.

Accessories galore – Customized joy-cons, VR, projectors, docks with extra processing power. Time to put those features in patents come to life.

New Nintendo IPs – With extra profits coming from mobile games, time to fund for development of new IPs and fresh ideas. Given that Miyamoto is also letting the younger generation have more voice in the development of games, the Switch is the perfect console for them to shine.

Nintendo acquires a third-party studio – Nintendo has made it no secret that they are open to mergers and acquisitions. Here's hoping they act fast enough to buy multi-talented studios.

That being said, Nintendo needs consistency at the very least to make Switch a huge impact to the gaming industry for a long time.

Any thoughts?

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