Your local GameStop may have a Demo Unit before launch.

I stopped by my local GameStop yesterday to pay off my preorder. The sales rep told me that his manager informed his crew that they will be receiving an in store demo unit before March 3rd. What day exactly, between now and then, he could not confirm. But I would imagine it will be within the last week or two of this dreadful wait.

I personally won't be testing it. I imagine the demo unit will already be covered in a glossy layer of foreign grease, and possibly some accrued damages. It's not the optimal introductory experience in my eye. If you asked me, I'd say, wait the short period of time and save yourself for the bittersweet unboxing experience. I bet she's already in a her box waiting for you to open her up and give her the intimate button smashing, trigger pulling, finger action she deserves. That you both deserve.

Make of that what you will.

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