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Just wanted to say, sorry if sounds like I’mtalking through my nose even more than usual.

Started getting a cold yesterday, so hopeit doesn’t bother anyone too much.

Now go enjoy the video! What is going on you wonderful thought havingpeople, you.

As always, I’m Jake from Give It Thoughtand let’s get right into this, well, disappointing story.

And by disappointing, I mean, REALLY disappointing.

It looks like, as you probably read in thetitle, that the latest outing from Link, or one of his many incarnations, will not bea launch title for the Nintendo Switch.

This, as I said, will be disappointing toa lot of Zelda fans out there because this game was announced in 2013, which means fanswill be waiting around or over 4 years to play this thing.

The last new Zelda was a bit divisive, althoughit was my favorite since Windwaker, and I’m counting the handheld games as well, and Breathof the Wild looks a bit more in that “Skyward Sword” vein than, say, Ocarina of Time orTwilight Princess.

But, I’m getting in the weeds here, let’sget back to the news story.

This tip comes by way of a renowned sourceby the name of Emily Rogers.

She was the one who broke the Switch announcementahead of time and she was involved in a few of the leaks, if I remember correctly.

But, yesterday, she tipped off Eurogamer tothe subject of this video, which is that Breath of the Wild will not be a launch title.

Specifically, she said: “the game's localizationschedule… will… continue through until the end of 2016.

‘Four-to-six months of testing will follow[that]’ before the game launches.

” So, going by that, it would seem that thenew Zelda will release some time in the middle of 2017, which is not the March 2017 releasedate of the Switch.

Nintendo’s latest notice of the releasedate of the game is simply 2017, but now it looks more like a mid-2017 release date.

This is not the only Nintendo Switch newswe’ve gotten lately.

The thing is, now, rumored to have a touchscreen,where at the time of its announcement people were saying that it did not have one.

But, Emily Rogers has struck again with thenews that it does AND that will be revealed on that January 13th announcement Nintendoteased directly after the Switch trailer dropped.

This is sort of meaningless to me, in thatI don’t really care if it had one either way.

The only worry I have, and I’ve been veryvocal about this, is the battery life, and with a touch screen the potential for a decentamount of portable playtime will be even lower.

And, that’s not even counting the possibleprojector and heat signature camera that may or may not be in the side of it.

I don’t know, if anyone can pull it off,it would be Nintendo.

It’s just that their track record is a bitspotty.

But, back to the original story, since a newZelda will not be launching with the system, what will we be getting on day one? Again, rumor has it that it will be a newMario title to absolutely no one’s surprise.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I loveMario games, but traditionally Nintendo has given the Italian plumber a lot of attentionat the time of new console launches.

Even in the launch trailer we got a peek ata new Mario title, so, like I said, no one is surprised.

Thankfully, to me anyway, this looks to bein the Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy type of 3D platformers, so I will probably be more thansatisfied with it.

From the looks of it, it will not follow the3D Land/World model and be more of a single player game with a “behind Mario” view.

Just as an offshoot to this conversation,does anyone think we’ll ever get an open-world Mario game? I’m not sure if it would work, but sinceZelda is going open-world this time around, I wonder if Mario ever will.

Sure, Zelda’s style leans more toward theopen-world formula, but Mario could go that way, too.

I think Epic Mickey was a good example ofan open-world platform game with decisions to make and all that, but almost no one playedit… so, uh, I don’t know if Nintendo would want to follow that formula.

Just a thought I randomly had.

But, I just wanted to catch everyone up onthis news that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be releasing with the Switch.

Every time I say it, it hurts that much more.

But, what does everyone else think about this? Are you upset by this revelation? Or, were you kind of expecting something likethis? It has been delayed multiple times after all.

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