Zelda Edition Nintendo Switch special trade-in bonus

Let's say you fully support Nintendo and buy the Switch at launch. (if rumors are true) Fast forward a couple months or so and BOTW is being released with a special Zelda themed Switch bundle.

Wouldn't it be great to have some sort of special trade in bonus if you grabbed the Switch at launch and want the Zelda edition one? Just trade-in your Switch and get the Zelda one for 50% off, or more, or maybe get some special in-game content. This would reach out to all the Zelda fans who have just been waiting to get the Switch specifically for Zelda BOTW and it would reach out to true Nintendo fans who fully supported Nintendo at launch week by giving us some sort of bonus content, or knocked down price for a special bundle.

I personally would be in favor of this, that way Nintendo gets my support and money before the fiscal year ends which I was planning on doing anyhow, and it would appeal to me as a Zelda fan, for just basking in the glory of owning a Zelda themed Switch, if that even becomes a thing.


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